An Essix retainer in Sunbury and Marengo, Ohio, is a clear retainer that fits over the whole tooth, similar to an Invisalign® aligner. It is clear and has no metal components. You can remove it if you need to clean it or are playing sports. These retainers apply pressure to your teeth and move them, along with your jaw ligaments, into their new positions and can make slight corrections to your bite.

Dr. Michele Renick will give you instructions about when you should wear your retainer and how to clean it. Generally, it should be carefully cleaned with a soft toothbrush in cool water. Toothpastes that contain abrasives can damage the retainer and Dr. Renick can recommend the best type of cleaner. You will be given a plastic case, and you should keep your retainer in it if you need to take it out.

Because the Essix retainer fits over the biting surface of the teeth, a patient can eventually wear through it, especially if they grind their teeth. Think of a pair of sneakers. Eventually, you can wear through the soles and may need to replace them

These are very unforgiving retainers. If you do not wear them and the teeth start to move, they are not adjustable and will not fit. If your time with braces is coming to a close, call Renick Orthodontics at 740-936-5003 to talk with our orthodontist to see if an Essix retainer would be right for you.