When most people think of retainers, this is what they have in mind. This is the traditional type of retainer with an acrylic body which has a wire bar running across the teeth. This wire is what keeps your teeth in their correct positions. A Hawley retainer is held in place by metal clasps that fit around other teeth in your smile. A Hawley retainer is the best type of retainer for holding spaces where teeth are missing. If your teeth start to shift, they can be adjusted to prevent this movement. In order to keep your teeth in their proper alignment, you will need to wear your retainer as directed by our orthodontist. You may wear it constantly at first, but in time, the doctor will decrease the time as your teeth settle into their new homes.

Hawley retainers are removable and should be taken out for meals or sports or recreation. We recommend that you keep your retainer’s case with you in a purse, backpack, briefcase or pocket to keep it safe. It should be cleaned every day with cool water, a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that does not contain any abrasives. You should talk with Dr. Michele Renick about what products she recommends to clean your retainer.

As you finish your time in braces, you may want to find out if a Hawley retainer in Sunbury and Centerburg, Ohio, is right for your smile. You can call Renick Orthodontics at 740-936-5003 to plan your visit with Dr. Renick.