In order to address a patient’s chief complaint and set realistic treatment goals, the consultation appointment is designed to obtain information to put together a customized treatment plan for each patient. During the initial consult appointment, we typically:
  • Take X-rays to evaluate growth and development
  • Take photographs to record the patient’s current situation
  • Perform a comprehensive exam
  • Discuss problems and solutions
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In some cases, additional information will still be needed after this appointment and may be in the form of a referral to an oral surgeon, periodontist or other dental specialist depending on the patient’s problems. Treatment plans are usually formalized after the records appointment and a course of action decided. However, some treatment plans have to be fluid enough to address the ever-changing biology of a patient. In some cases, the treatment plan will be adjusted during treatment to accommodate changes in the patient.
Generally, if the treatment plan is put into place at the time of the consult visit, we can provide a quote based on what the doctor feels that patient needs. Occasionally, patients will call and ask for a quote over the phone. Understandably, this is impossible to do without seeing the patient, diagnosing a problem, and setting a treatment plan because of the wide variation in what a patient may need.

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