Orthodontic treatment should always start with a chief complaint and a diagnosis.



Dr. Renick will often ask her patients what brings them to see us. This is called the chief complaint or the concern the patient may initially have. It may be the orthodontic patient’s own concern or the concern of a referring general dentist or pediatric dentist. These concerns are the goals of treatment, but may not be the only problems in the patient’s mouth. While the chief complaint is a good place to start, the thorough exam Dr. Renick provides at the initial consult appointment will lead to the potential discovery of other issues that the patient may not be aware of. As a practitioner, Dr. Renick will evaluate all of the issues that present in the oral cavity in order to present a comprehensive diagnosis for the patient and create the best individual treatment plan to achieve the goals of a healthy, functional smile. 
The exam that’s completed at the complimentary consult appointment is part of the information gathering process. While a cursory diagnosis and treatment plan is discussed at the time of the consult, Dr. Renick will again review the exam, photos, and X-rays to make sure all options were considered. The records appointment is a second opportunity for Dr. Renick to gather more information before setting a treatment plan in motion. It is after this appointment that Dr. Renick will write up a treatment plan and sequence to follow. In most cases, the treatment plan will follow what was discussed at the consult, however, in some cases, further information may present itself which can change the initial plan. If it’s a significant enough change, Dr. Renick may review the new information and plan at a second consult appointment. 
The records appointment may include other information gathering techniques such as:
  • Additional X-ray images
  • Referrals to other specialists
  • Diagnostic models of the teeth
The records appointment may also include the preliminary steps to treatment. An impression may be taken if the patient is starting with a removable appliance, or separators may be placed in cases where bands may be used for a cemented appliance (expander, habit breaking appliance) or traditional band and bracket treatment. An Invisalign® treatment sequence may also begin at the records appointment.


Additional X-ray images
Jaw XRay
Additional X-Ray Images



Referrals to other specialists

Tooth Questions

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Diagnostic Tooth Model
Diagnostic models of the teeth


Anime Teeth


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