Many people recognize that they, or their child, may have a bite problem and often ask their general dentist what they need to do. In most cases, the general dentist will refer them to an orthodontist who specializes in this kind of diagnosis and treatment.

To answer the questions you may have, the best course of action would be to schedule a complimentary consult appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Renick. We are happy to see new patients to answer whatever questions they may have. Dr. Renick feels that her job entails not only diagnosing her patient’s problems, but also helping them understand the problems and suggesting the best course of treatment to guide them to the best esthetic and functional smile possible.

We invite you to call Renick Orthodontics at 740-936-5003 to schedule your consultation appointment and learn more about orthodontic treatment in Sunbury, Galena and Johnstown, Ohio.