Photography has long been a very useful tool in orthodontic treatment. Now that we have digital photographs, our communication skills have progressed beyond just initial and final pictures.

At our office, Dr. Renick utilizes digital photography for the following reasons:

Initial and Final Pictures

The initial pictures we take are very useful for diagnostic purposes and can sometimes show us items close up that we may not be able to see directly in the mouth. At your consult visit, a series of photographs are planned, and with the help of oral mirrors, we can visualize every part of the mouth. From that point, Dr. Renick can share images of the problems she sees with the patient during the discussion to help them understand where they are and where they need to go with treatment.


Progress Photos

These photos do just that, help us track your progress. These are also good teaching tools in case presentations, both professionally and for other patients. We have many patients that come to see Dr. Renick who are discouraged with how bad their smile may be. During the consult appointment, Dr. Renick can refer to these photographs to show the process of how she plans to improve their dental health with the aid of orthodontics.


Photos of Anomalies

Occasionally, a patient may come to their orthodontic consult with Dr. Renick with something unusual in their mouth that may require further investigation or intervention from another type of dental specialist. This may include things such as, but not limited to, ulcers, decay, or gum issues due to recession or gum disease. The digital photographs provide a way of communicating with another doctor in a referral letter to coordinate treatment with the patient’s best interest in mind.


Oral Hygiene Photos

Lastly, but just as crucial, we often take pictures to monitor oral hygiene and to help educate a patient to what is occurring in the mouth. These pictures may involve staining, plaque, gum disease, white scarring or decay. In a lot of cases, a patient may be brushing but missing some area. These pictures can help a patient be aware of an area that may require more attention with the toothbrush because they’ve been missing it in the past.


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