dental exam

Before an orthodontic treatment plan can be developed, a diagnosis must be made. In order for a diagnosis to be made, a thorough orthodontic exam should be completed. This exam, in conjunction with photos and X-rays, will aid our orthodontist in determining what the patient’s problems are, determining what may be causing those problems, and coming up with the right course of action needed to treat those problems.



The first thing Dr. Renick will do is review the patient’s medical history. One question our patients ask is why do we need a medical history for braces? A medical history is extremely important because some things may show up in the mouth that can indicate a systemic, or full body, problem. Examples include, but are not limited to, viruses that present as ulcers in the mouth, reactions to medications, disorders in bone metabolism that appear on X-rays, or syndromes and genetic links which lead to missing or extra teeth.


check list

Next, Dr. Renick will perform a comprehensive oral exam, not only examining the teeth and the bite, but also the soft tissues of the mouth, the glands, and the lymph nodes in the head and neck area. When building a house, you must first check the foundation. Similarly, an orthodontic treatment plan shouldn’t be put into place unless the oral health is sound. This means addressing gum disease, decay, and other health issues prior to making an orthodontic plan.


set goals

Dr. Renick will review the teeth present and the way they bite together. She will also ask you what YOUR concerns are. This is known as a chief complaint. Dr. Renick can diagnose your problems, but also needs to address why you came to see her and what your goals for treatment are. It’s important to be goal-oriented when designing a treatment plan, but it’s just as important to know which goals are achievable and which are not. This is all vital parts of the comprehensive exam.


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