While keeping your mouth healthy is ALWAYS important, it becomes more of a challenge to do so when wearing either conventional braces or clear aligners. Maintaining good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment includes, but is not limited to, additional attention to proper brushing, flossing, and keeping regular six month preventive dental cleanings with your general dentist. During your visits to Renick Orthodontics, we will review preventive care to make sure that you know the most effective ways to brush and floss. Each time a patient arrives for their appointment, hygiene will be monitored and progress noted.

At your first appointment, we will review the types of foods that could cause damage to your appliances and aligners and slow down your treatment as well as types of orthodontic emergencies which could occur and what you can do if these situations happen.

If you do experience an orthodontic emergency, please contact our office. Our orthodontist and team will make arrangements to meet with you to resolve the problem, and will provide instructions on what to do until you can come in to our office.

Preventive Care

Oral Hygiene

Preventive Care

Emergency Orthodontic Care

We encourage you to follow Dr. Renick’s recommendations as closely as possible. Following our guidelines for preventive care will help keep your mouth healthy during treatment by minimizing the chances of broken appliances leading to extended treatment times and limiting the consequences of poor oral hygiene such as scarring, decay and gum disease.

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