Braces and clear aligners are great at correcting teeth that are tipped, rotated or crooked. However, for most patients, these dental problems are only half of the story. Coordinating the bite is often the bigger part of treatment and often the more time consuming part of treatment.

Generally speaking, rotations and tipping are the first parts of treatment addressed in most, but not all, cases. Once these hurdles have been conquered, the bite needs to be addressed.

Our orthodontist looks carefully at your occlusion, or the way the teeth fit together, when evaluating your bite. A healthy bite means that the teeth come together in a specific pattern to give the patient full oral function as well as more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Bite issues can be seen front to back such as overjets and underbites or side to side as in posterior crossbites. Bite issues caused by skeletal problems are addressed by orthopedic appliances and bite issues caused by dental problems are corrected with other orthodontic accessories such as elastics and/or bite jumpers such as the Forsus appliance. Elastics are the common form of bite correction in the Invisalign® system.


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