Elastics on teeth

Elastics, otherwise known as rubber bands, are the most common additions to orthodontic treatment whether you are sporting traditional braces or clear aligners. Elastics are extremely versatile and can perform many types of tooth movement that wires and aligners alone can’t address.


Thumbs up or down

Lack of elastic wear is one of the biggest reasons that orthodontic treatment times are extended. Wearing elastics as directed can even shorten an estimated treatment time.



If you have ever pulled on a rubber band, you know there is a force that occurs when the band is stretched. We use these forces to move teeth in various directions depending on the problem. The biology of tooth movement requires a light, continuous force placed on the tooth to get it to move.


Elastics pattern

Where appropriate, Dr. Renick may prescribe an elastic to be worn in a specific pattern on the teeth. In addition, elastics come in various sizes and weights to deliver different amounts of force depending on the movement required.


Elastics on braces

Rubber bands must be worn as directed by our orthodontist to move the teeth. If rubber bands are being used to move the teeth, and they are not worn, do the teeth move? And if the teeth do not move, can we ever finish with the result we want? For this reason, understanding the science of moving teeth, and the need for a light, CONTINUOUS force, it can’t be stressed enough that lack of elastic wear will not get the job done. Wearing the elastics part time is the same as not wearing them at all because of the break in the biologic signal. Elastics need to be worn 24/7.


Feeling Better frown to smile

There may be some initial soreness for the first couple of days that can easily be addressed with Tylenol or Advil, however, with proper wear, the discomfort will go away. A little encouragement will help you get past the first couple of days until you don’t think twice about putting the elastics on.


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