Tongue thrusting is a hard habit to detect, as it is an ongoing habit that the patient is oftentimes unaware of. This habit can be seen in both children and adults.


The effects of a tongue thrust can include spacing and openbites, which cause functional issues. The teeth don’t function as they are designed to when they do not come together properly. In general the tongue thrust will start by opening space, but then the ongoing habit will maintain that space.


speech therapy

Orthodontic treatment can close the teeth together to fix the bite. Unfortunately, if the habit persists, the correction can be difficult because the tongue is fighting the correction while the teeth are moving. Treatment time may be extended because the tongue slows progress. In addition, the space can return after treatment because the habit has not been resolved.


After your consult visit with Dr. Renick, or even during treatment, she may deem it necessary to include myofunctional therapy which is a course of action where the patient does “exercises” to retrain the tongue and eliminate the habit. Dr. Renick may refer the patient to a speech pathologist if the habit persists.


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