anterior open bite

Habits place unwanted forces on the teeth and the role of the orthodontist is geared toward stopping the habit to prevent further damage to the bite.


The tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body and can put a significant force on the teeth. We often see flaring of the teeth and openbites resulting from this habit. This can create a functional dilemma. The teeth are out of place and it makes biting chewing more of a challenge when they don’t touch.


tongue trainers

The tongue trainers are similar to the tongue spur appliance because they have projections. They are bonded to the back surfaces of the front teeth just like the bite turbos are and are similar to the braces we put on the front of the teeth. Studies have shown these to be very effective in closing open bites from tongue thrusts by controlling the habit. In addition, we sometimes incorporate them in the retention phase to prevent the habit from returning and putting the patient back to square one.


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