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When an orthodontist makes a treatment plan, they not only consider the current problems, but also potential future issues. In addition to traditional treatments and appliances, an orthodontist will often employ other items to either correct a problem or prevent a future one.

“Modern” orthodontics has been around since the early 1900’s and was considered to be fathered by Edward Angle. When you considered how many decades orthodontists have been practicing, you’ll realize that many techniques have come and gone over the years as practitioners have sought to solve a variety of dental problems. Where there’s more than one way to skin a cat, history has shown us that there’s more than one way to approach a problem.


What we consider “modern” orthodontics today wasn’t even dreamed of in the 1900’s. The practice or orthodontics has grown and evolved and will continue to do so. Progress leads to new and innovative ways to treat patients.

old school

However, sometimes the new techniques need a little old school booster to get the job done. We often use a collaboration of old and new. No two patients are alike and treatment shouldn’t use a cookie cutter approach. Appliances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are standard and some are custom made. Chairside techniques and tricks have evolved and much more attention is now given to prevention of problems rather than just focusing on curing it later. To achieve our goals, we have many adjuncts in our treatment arsenal to ensure that our patients finish treatment with a healthy, functional and aesthetic smile.

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