Bite Plates

At Renick Orthodontics, we use a number of different treatments to improve your bite and the alignment of your teeth and jaws. Dr. Michele Renick believes in keeping options open when designing a customized treatment plan. The bite plate is a nice supplement to your braces for opening deep overbites and is one of the most comfortable appliances our patients wear.

Bite plates are not the only option to opening deep overbites depending on what is causing the overbite. When you schedule your consult appointment with Dr. Renick, our orthodontist, she will review the situation with you after the exam and determine if you are a candidate for a bite plate. Another treatment direction may be a better choice and is very patient specific.



There are two kinds of bite plates, fixed or removable. Generally speaking, we will start with a removable bite plate. The biggest advantage to these is the ability to remove them to clean. On the other hand, for busy kids who have the bite plate out more than in, a soldered or fixed bite plate is a better option. This is also true when the patient is missing multiple teeth and the bite plate needs a better connection in the mouth.


Bite plates serve two purposes:

  • They protect your lower front teeth, preventing people with overbites from biting off their lower brackets by accident.
  • They open the bite. Opening the bite is a difficult and time-consuming movement for the teeth, and a bite plate can make a significant difference.



What happens if I don’t wear the bite plate?
Nothing will happen if you do not wear the bite plate. If you choose not to wear it or only wear it part-time, your treatment will not progress and you will spend more time wearing braces.

How should I wear the bite plate?
Wear your bite plate 24/7, as directed by our orthodontist. The ONLY time it should be removed is to brush your teeth. Do NOT remove it to eat. The more you wear the bite plate, the sooner you will be finished with it!


Teeth 2

How do I take care of my bite plate?
When you take out the bite plate to brush your teeth you should also brush the bite plate. This prevents it from smelling and helps prevent sores from developing on the roof of your mouth. If you have a non-removable bite plate, you will need to floss under it. In addition, a Waterpik is a wonderful option to making sure food isn’t packed underneath the appliance. Oral hygiene care is EXTREMELY important with the fixed bite plate because lack of proper care can create sores on the roof of the mouth that won’t be visible until the bite plate is removed.


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