Bite Turbo

Bite turbos are also known as bite ramps and the terms are interchangeable. This adjunct to braces is another effective way of opening deep overbites. Unlike some bite plates, these are not removable and are bonded to the backs of the upper front teeth.


These may be made of two kinds of material, metal or composite (tooth-colored) material. The metal bite turbos are bonded to the back surfaces of the front teeth in much the same way the braces are bonded to the fronts of the teeth. The composite turbos can be built directly onto the back of the teeth. The advantage of bite turbos over bite plates is that they are more hygienic and because they are bonded in place, the patient doesn’t need to constantly monitor them.



Bite turbos address the vertical problem of a deep bite. Unfortunately, in cases where there is a significant overjet where the top front teeth protrude much further than the lower front teeth, these are no longer a treatment option. In order for them to work, the lower front teeth must contact them right behind the upper front teeth. In the above situation, the bite plate would be a better option.


Because the turbos are bonded with the same material the braces are, the same eating guidelines will need to be followed to make sure they don’t come off. We usually bond these in pairs, so if one comes off, the second one will still be in place and can continue to work until you can schedule an appointment at the office to replace the other one.



Bite ramps/turbos are not just for braces alone! Invisalign® needed to find a way to open deeps bites and incorporated bite ramp technology right into the aligner. No bonding is required in the Invisalign system as the bite ramps are a part of the plastic. They are still located behind the top front teeth.


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