A spring retainer is a fantastic aesthetic option to address minor tooth movement because it is an affordable way to correct minor alignment issues with your teeth. It is very similar to a Hawley retainer in that they are both made from acrylic and metal. Spring retainers are good for limited tooth movements. They handle rotations better than the Hawley retainer, and are often used as an alternative to braces for adults who have problems with moving teeth and for people who did not wear their original retainers after their orthodontic treatment. Basically, this type of retainer addresses movement in the front teeth and the incisors.

Spring Retainer

Dr. Renick, our orthodontist, will take an impression of your teeth and your retainer will be crafted in a lab. Once it is placed, Dr. Renick will adjust it periodically to apply the proper pressure to your teeth. You can easily remove the retainer for cleaning and for meals and your appearance is not affected. Treatment time varies based on the amount of crowding and the biology of the patient. Please note that the amount of crowding will determine whether or not treatment will be successful with the spring retainer, or if a more aggressive treatment approach will be required.