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Clear braces are designed just like their metal counterpart. There are a few differences. They are made out of a tooth-colored ceramic which needs to be a little larger than the metal brackets so they don’t fracture. Because clear braces don’t flex, they are slightly harder to remove at the debond appointment after you have finished your treatment.


Clear Braces

Since these brackets are ceramic, they are harder than the enamel of the teeth. For this reason, placing ceramic brackets on the lower teeth must be decided on a case by case basis. In cases where clear braces are not recommended for the lower teeth, we can do a hybrid treatment with clear braces on the top teeth and metal braces on the bottom teeth. When you talk and smile, people mostly see the top teeth which is why this is still a feasible, esthetic option. Dr. Renick will carefully evaluate your mouth to determine if clear braces are the right type of braces for you.


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While clear braces work the same way that traditional braces do, they have a few advantages. This type of braces treatment blends in with your teeth to give you a more discreet treatment (hence being known as “clear” braces) and a slightly more natural appearance while wearing them.


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