This is a traditional system that allows an orthodontist to put the correct directional force on a tooth. Picture a mug. The mug itself is hard to move until we put a handle on it. A band or a bracket is simply a handle we place on a tooth that allows us to apply a force with a wire.

A band is a “ring” we place around the molars or back teeth like we would place a ring on a finger. They serve as anchors for our wires and appliances. They are a different type of handle than a bracket and actually have a bracket welded to the band
A bracket, or brace, is a slot that houses the wire to provide the force. Dr. Renick uses one of the smallest brackets on the market called a low profile, mini twin. This makes it not only more esthetic, but also more comfortable. In addition, because the bracket is metal, the edges are able to be polished and rounded, adding to patient comfort.
The wires and ties complete the force system. The tie, a colored elastic or a steel tie, keeps the wire in the slot of the bracket. The wire is what puts the force on the tooth. If the wire isn’t tied into the bracket, the proper force doesn’t happen.
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