A frequent question we hear is, “Did we miss the boat?”

Some parents are unaware that it is recommended that they have their child screened at an early age, or they may be unprepared to seek treatment early. They come in for a consult because they’re concerned that they may have waited too long before seeking treatment for their child or even for themselves.



The answer to the above question is, “NO.” You never miss the boat – you may just change the treatment plan or the time in treatment. For example, while early treatment may be able to address crowding, extractions have always been a viable option to creating space and present a second option to achieve the same goal. Either way, no worries! Dr. Renick can develop an appropriate treatment plan to reach your goals!



It is never too late to seek orthodontic treatment. Even if your child was not assessed at a young age, the teenage years are still a great time to receive orthodontic treatment as the body is still developing and the teeth and jaws can be moved into their proper positions without too much difficulty. Renick Orthodontics offers a variety of treatment options, ranging from traditional braces to clear aligners and other alternatives to braces. Dr. Renick will evaluate your child’s mouth and jaws and discuss these options with you to determine which type of treatment will provide the best results.



Additionally, it is becoming more and more common for adults to seek orthodontic treatment for themselves. Misery loves company, and a lot of our parents seek treatment at the same time as their child. As long as your teeth, gums and other oral structures are healthy, you should be able to receive orthodontic treatment without complications. Furthermore, orthodontics can be helpful in adults who need to seek restorative treatment for missing teeth or other problems. We can improve areas that are planned to receive implants or bridges and can assist your general dentist in other situations as well.

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