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The goals of interceptive phase I treatment and comprehensive phase II treatment differ because of the stage of dental development in each case. In the early phase I treatment, not all of the adult teeth are present. The goal is to develop the jaws to create the best environment for the proper eruption of the remaining permanent teeth.


In most cases, but not all, a second phase (Phase II comprehensive) will be needed after a retainer phase to complete treatment and coordinate the bite. Usually, there are fourteen unerupted adult teeth at the end of the early phase of treatment. Allowing room for the teeth to come in may not change the DIRECTION they erupt. In addition, growth issues may continue into the teenage years. The goals of a comprehensive treatment are to align the remaining teeth to correct the bite and continue to address the growth issues.


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Phase I treatment may reduce or eliminate the need for more extensive treatment in the future if a comprehensive phase is recommended. Our orthodontist will evaluate your child’s mouth and jaws carefully during and following Phase I treatment to determine if more comprehensive treatment is needed to ensure that the patient’s teeth and jaws are properly aligned. If so, Dr. Renick will determine the best time to begin a comprehensive phase. Your child will be carefully evaluated so that Dr. Renick can design a personalized treatment plan that will provide them with the best possible long-term results.


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Phase II treatment is the more “traditional” aspect of orthodontic treatment, and typically involves braces, clear aligners or other treatments to straighten the teeth. This stage of treatment often occurs during the teenage years in what we call the “late mixed dentition,” just prior to losing the last of the baby teeth. The teenage years are a great time to intervene, as the patient is still growing making it easier for Phase II treatment to straighten the teeth and correct any problems with the bite.


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Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is also available for adults who are interested in straightening their smile. We can still move teeth effectively, however, the absence of active growth may limit some of our traditional treatment options.


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