Kate – Orthodontic Assistant

Who’s that singing? That’s Kate! Having enjoyed singing for years, Kate brings her tunes to her job while seeing patients. There’s no task too small for her. She has the focus and meticulousness that comes from being an aesthetician. You’ll make her day if you let her bring her artistic talent to your color ties. Hombre Green? Mystic Mermaid? No problem!

She has had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Renick since September of 2016. Her favorite part about her job is getting to know her patients and their families. With our younger patients, it is really exciting to her to watch them “grow up” with us! It is so rewarding to see a patient from the start of their treatment to the end and get to know them along the way.

The loud jabbering you may hear throughout the office is usually Kate chatting it up with patients, and the singing is definitely her! She can take just about anything and turn it into a song. She’s known around here best for that singing and “accusing” all of her co-workers of stealing her “good” pens!

Her chairside manner comes from raising her kids here in Sunbury. You may have seen her dropping off lunch at General Rosecrans, Big Walnut Intermediate, or Big Walnut Middle schools. In her personal life, the most important thing about her is that she is a mom! Or should we say, Super Mom! She has 3 boys of her own, plus one “bonus son” from her fiancé. With four boys, she spends most of her time driving them to and from their sporting events and feeding them. She enjoys hot yoga and weightlifting. Need to see a yoga pose? Ask her! Just don’t ask her about sports! If it’s not a yoga pose, it might be a nap.