When people schedule appointments with Dr. Renick, their chief concerns generally fall into one of two categories, a dental problem or a skeletal (jaw) problem. In most cases, they have a combination of both of the them. During your consult exam with Dr. Renick, she will determine what the problem is to come up with the best treatment plan for your or your child.

Teeth are meant to sit on the jawbone (alveolar process) in a specific place. When they are out of alignment, crowded, protruded or rotated, they fall into the category of a dental problem. Braces and aligners address the dental problems. A patient may have completely straight teeth that still don’t come together well. There may be an open bite, overbite, overjet, crossbite, or underbite. Some of these problems can fall into both categories, skeletal or dental, but some of these problems are caused by skeletal or jaw issues alone. In other words, the teeth are in the right place on the jawbones, but jaws have a growth issue. It is up to our orthodontist to diagnose which category these problems fall into in order to come up with a treatment plan for correcting it. Not every problem is treated the same way if the cause is different.

If the problem is a skeletal problem, there are many appliances which are adjuncts to the braces or aligners that are utilized to treat these issues. When an orthodontic appliance is used to treat a skeletal problem, it is considered an orthopedic appliance. The following are the most common orthodontic orthopedic appliances:

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